22-24 February 2016
One & Only Cape Town, South Africa
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You have climbed mountains, now are you ready to do it again? Bouncing and emerging back from the global financial recession, both CEOs and CFOs are entrusted to be in the driver seat to manoeuvre their team of people on a journey to excellence and race towards the future successfully. Risks and obstacles may abound for this power couple but the future belong to those who keep striving towards the finishing line on the racetrack.

Given the scale of challenges and uncertainties that today’s CEOs and CFOs face in global markets, the one ‘must-have’ attribute they point to for success is adaptability. While they are less confident about the overall prospects for the global economy, many believe that there are significant opportunities for their own business to grow in the year ahead due to their organisation’s growth and the outlook for wider economic development. However, there is a lot more that needs to be done to transform the continent’s potential for exponential growth into tangible business opportunities. As the region regains its footing, the race is on for the pairing of C-Suite to work hand-in-hand together in charting a new course for durable organisational success. The stakes are high and there is a clarion call for them to step up their game and lead the pack with both speed and endurance as the dynamic duo.
Invest in our upcoming 3-day conference “Chief Series: Power Pairing of CEOs and CFOs” which offers you a platform to enrich yourself with quintessential insights on two key themes on  ‘Looking Ahead in the CEO Agenda’ and ‘The Modern CFO in Tomorrow’s Financial World’  with customised deep dive sessions and chatrooms. Do not miss our interactive C-Suite Dialogue session which discusses on ‘Managing Today’s Global Changes and Living Up to Heightened Expectations’. We will be zooming into ‘Masters of the Marketplace’ through our mini think tank session that explores issues on growth, partnership, diversity and competition. Do not miss our  brain-based technique post-conference workshop that focuses on empowering the C-Suite. We look forward to welcoming you in what promises to be the highlight of your 2016 calendar!

Featuring Exclusive 3rd Day Brain- Based Technique Workshop on:
Steering the Course During Uncertain Times: Leveraging on Strengths of Key C-Suite Leaders

Sylvana Caloni will draw on leading edge thinking in the science and art of human behaviour. You will also gain insights from your peers. You will stretch beyond your comfort zone to embrace fresh perspectives and new approaches to handle your challenges and to create the best solutions. The workshop is designed to be fun and to recharge you. You will participate in a range of activities including self-reflection, paired conversations and physical exercises and movement. Sylvana invites you to be curious, listen deeply, share your experiences, ask questions and suspend your judgements to get the most from this workshop.

International Workshop Leader:
Sylvana Caloni,
Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Author and Founder
SC Executive Coaching, UK

From 2011 to 2014, she was President of WIBF. During her Presidency, Sylvana focused on growth strategy, funding, client engagement, tax, legal, human resource and governance issues. As the leader she was responsible for the motivation and collaboration of the Executive and Advisory Boards.

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